My Approach to Work

My approach to work, assignments and projects is almost entirely free of regimentation. That is to say, there are many different ways to approach a problem and to arrive at a solution. However, I do have one set of requirements, which I use to decide whether to take on a project. Because my work largely defines who I am, I like to choose my jobs and projects using a "5 P's" checklist.

The "5 P's"Help Me To Select My Work

1. People: Every project boils down to spending time with the client. Ifthe client's people are good and open-minded, we can overcome any problem. If they're ridged and inflexible, every problem will seem twice as large.

2. Peruse: Is there time and ample opportunity to learn? Can we examine or consider with attention and in detail the problem and the solution? The job or project must offer the ability to grow intellectually.

3. Project: Is the project adventurous? Would it provide some risk and some reward? What are the goals? Are the goals quantitative? What is the budget? Does the project offer great creative potential? How will we know when we have achieved success? The project or position must have focus and must offer the possibility for all parties to win. We will be heroes by Friday!

4. Profit: I need to make money on everything that I do in order to sustain my business and my lifestyle. Whether it's a project for an art gallery or a multinational corporation, I am in business to make a profit. This is hardly an original concept.

5. Plate: How much do I have on my plate? Can I immerse myself into the work without having to sacrifice other work, my family, and my outside interests? Every job or project deserves my full attention. I will make certain I have time to execute the project correctly before I will take the work.

All & All

I am an easy guy to work with on projects and efforts of any kind. I have my convictions, which I will make clear, but I have the highest respect for the opinions of others. Please contact me to find out how we can get started.


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