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Naturally Curious or Bored Easily?

It is difficult to say whether all my knowledge has been acquired from a real curiosity about life and business, or whether it is a result of becoming easily bored and having many different jobs. Regardless, you will find that I have a diverse background of knowledge and a wealth of experience. Knowledge that you can benefit from such as:

In the end, I suppose my approach, and my simple philosophy has assured my constant growth. I feel I must make some money, have some fun and always learn from whatever I do in business.  At least I've had some fun and I learned something in the process.

Personally I have listed my experience below.  However, a valuable ability I have is in finding the right people to help develop, create and execute projects at the most cost-effective rate.

My Business Experience

Industry and Project Experience

  In the following areas I may be considered an expert because I have multiple years, multiple clients and/or have developed multiple projects:

I also have project experience in the following industries:

Business & Entrepreneurial Experience

Traditional business and online venture concepting/modeling/planning, complete financial projections, break-even analysis, return-on-investment studies, investor presentations, investment procurement, startup phase management, ongoing financial reporting, investor relations, bank and financial institution relations, personnel management, production/operations management, capital equipment purchasing and leasing, long hours and sweat equity.

Marketing & Merchandising Experience

Long-term and short-term planning, market analysis, geo-demographic study/research, site analysis, budgeting (as annual dollars and/or a percentage of sales), marketing/advertising spending R.O.I. projections, focus group development/execution/analysis (quantitative and qualitative), new product/service development, relationship marketing, public relations events and activities, event marketing, vendor cooperative program development/presentation/execution, sales promotions, sweepstakes promotions, retail partner promotions, database marketing and electronic marketing.

Customer Specific Marketing (Special Area of Expertise) - Retail-based frequent shopper program development/execution/analysis, long-term/short-term program planning, increased household (HH) card penetration, HH identified sales and transaction management, HH spending distribution/category analysis, HH segment markdown management, targeted offers, redemption forecasting/profitability/analysis, electronic discounting, multi-tiered electronic discounting, HH spending offers/fulfillment, retail partnering, points programs and a working knowledge of complex customer specific marketing software applications.

Retail product and service merchandising, movement analysis, sales forecasting, profitability projections, product/category/department markdown analysis, vendor program management and category management.

Marketing, Advertising & Internet Communications

In the realm of marketing, advertising and Internet communications production, I have the following personal experience including strategy and planning:

Internet - Concept, site design, site maps, copy writing, content management,  imagery, layout, typesetting and digital file preparation/publishing to on Mac OS 9+ systems utilizing Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, NetObjects Fusion, GoLive CyberStudio, ImageReady, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Streamline and Painter applications. Good understanding of HTML, other programming, final production, launch and site maintenance.

Print - Concept, design, copy writing, imagery, layout, typesetting and digital file preparation on Mac OS 9+ systems utilizing QuarkXPress, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe  Illustrator, Adobe Streamline and Painter applications. Good understanding of digital and conventional print prepress and print production for sheet-fed and web printing. Print buying, distribution and direct mail fulfillment management experience.

Broadcast - Concept, script development, story board creation, musical identity direction, talent selection/management, direction and editing. Post production direction and media buying.

Other - Concept, design, copy writing, imagery, layout, typesetting and digital file preparation for corporate/brand identity systems, billboards, permanent signage, point-of-purchase signage/displays, product labels/packaging and a variety of sales support, relationship marketing and direct marketing materials.

Sales Experience

In addition to all the experience above, I have the following sales background to include computer/computer-related hardware and software sales, retail sales, contract sales, business-to-business sales, prospecting, lead qualification, cost estimating, proposal drafting/presentation, follow-up calls, deal closing/account acquisition, financing, product/service execution/fulfillment, account management, account review, sales quotas, account profitability analysis and sales management.

A Very Short Resume

For a complete resume please click here.


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