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Thank you for visiting Version 2.12 of Patrick Feld's Web site. This site is somewhat dated, but there are updates. I plan on having a re-designed site with new content up soon! Please browse around to find out about my services as well as my background and interests.

Unique & Valuable Asset

I can be a unique and valuable asset to your company because I excel at so many different advertising and marketing disciplines. For the most part, I function as a 'one man advertising agency' in that I manage client work and projects from an initial consulting stage to the delivery stage. I handle the business planning, the creative, the art direction, the production, and the execution of projects -- making me a very knowledgeable and capable marketing professional. Click here to review my resume, or to check out my business experience.

Brain Coffee Co.

Brain Coffee Co. is a start-up company that I have been working on that will leverage the success of Starbucks by taking advantage of their weaknesses to acquire market share on a local and regional basis. Click image at left to learn more!

The vision of Brain Coffee Co. is to become a formative specialty coffee retailer known for its quality and innovation. Within 5 years, Brain will have formulated a successful franchise, and grown to have 36 company owned stores, and 36 franchised stores. With proper funding, the company plans to realize over $37 million in annual sales by year five of operations.

Check it out!

8ight Hypermotors Concept

If you have not taken a look at my 8ight Hypermotors business plan, go to http://www.patrickfeld.net/8ight/ now. 8ight Hypermotors expects to be first-to-market as a branded customization concept in many areas of the country. 8ight Hypermotors comprises a refreshing solution that offers mass customization of the eight most popular, best performing factory brand SUVs and automobiles. Once established in Southern California, 8ight Hypermotors will expand its market presence by franchising the concept throughout the US and Canada.

Your Brand Relationship With Customers

The average American views three thousand ads in one day. Yet somehow, most of us believe we are not influenced by advertising. Great advertising and marketing communication do far more than influence people's taste -- it creates a relationship so powerful that brands become consumer's closest friends. I want to help your brand create that same kind of relationship with your customers.

I am in search of clients and/or employers who understand marketing and advertising communications as a way to grow business, rather than a necessary evil required to maintain business. If you are interested, please contact me by mail, phone or e-mail.

My business is to provide Strategic Branding & Design Services to companies wishing to aggressively market themselves. Much of my work includes account planning, brand-building advertising & marketing campaign development, broadcast TV & radio spot creation, print & collateral design, and Internet strategy & site development.

Site Summary

My site content is covered in less than a dozen headings. Just click on the links to find what you are looking for:

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to hear from you soon. Please feel free to e-mail me at patrick@patrickfeld.net if I can be of some assistance.



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