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I Want To Start An Internet Incubator -- In All My Spare Time

An Internet incubator. Not a completely original idea, but one with great potential. Of course, the following business model might focus on Business-to-Business concepts only -- even ideas limited to a specific business category.

Regardless, Forward Thinking is an Internet incubator concept that I originally crafted for the Southern Oregon business region. It could easily be located in any number of regions, including Southern California.

The Idea Is Called 'Forward Thinking'

Think about it. It is estimated the Internet is only twenty percent developed. Who is going to build-out the remainder? The potential is tremendous. However, there is a problem. Whether you are located in Los Angeles or Southern Oregon, there are plenty of ideas, and willing investors, but there is a shortage of talent and knowledge to form concepts and capital into viable Internet Ventures (iVentures).

Think of the potential. Think of the problem. Then, think of the solution. That is Forward Thinking.

Forward Thinking will offer new business model solutions by acting as an iVenture incubator designed to rapidly launch:

The business would work something like this:

Forward Thinking will allow Internet startups to grow into profitable, lasting franchises by providing the critical services iVentures need in 7 disciplines:

The Forward Thinking business model would look something like this:

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