Worth More Than We Charge

When you engage me, you are investing in the very essence of your business concept - your brand. Building your brand awareness, positioning your brand and brand offerings, and extending your brand on to the Internet is worth every dollar in a hyper-competitive market.  We think you'll find the brand-building value of our work to be worth much more than we charge.

While you are here, check out what it might cost to develop an Internet site. It is not definitive, but it may help you in your budgeting studies.

Pricing for our services can be arranged in one of three ways, or a combination of the three methods. Our pricing methods are as follows:

Straight Hourly Basis

This method is often used when beginning work with a new client or when working on a project with  unknown parameters (i.e., developing a Request For Proposal, or RFP). Hourly work is billed at the following rates:

Per Project Basis

This is the most popular method of pricing because it assures the client that certain goals and deliverables will be achieved for an agreed to price or budget. Usually the client will pay for initial services on an hourly basis to have the following developed:

We base these estimates and quotes on our hourly rates, and upon client approval proceed with the work at hand followed by the agreed to billing arrangements.

To obtain a RFP, Range of Cost Estimate or Fixed Cost Quote please go to contact.

Equity Basis

Being entrepreneurs, we will occasionally take risks and partner with our clients to achieve certain goals and to leverage great opportunities.

This of course requires some negotiation. However, we are open to exchanging our services for a type of equity in a company, product or venture. Please contact us for more information.

Web Development Costs

How Much Does A Web Site Cost?

If you are new to Web site Development, or if you have had some experience, you are wondering, "How much does a Web site cost?" We do not have a simple answer to that question, but we have outlined some of our basic cost parameters to assist you in your quest for a cost.

Generally speaking, we can build a relatively simple Web site for about $7,500 - $8,500. This cost reflects a site of about 10 non-commerce enabled pages including an Initial Internet Strategy and most startup expenses. Of course no two Web sites are the same and your needs will vary greatly from other client needs. Regardless, to have a successful web site you will need:

  1. Internet Strategy
  2. One or more Domain Names
  3. Server Space to hold the Site
  4. Content
  5. Web Site Design
  6. Information Technology
  7. Professional Placement and Marketing
  8. Ongoing Maintenance & Development

Let's look at each element:

Internet Strategy

An Internet Business Strategy is the most critical, yet most overlooked aspect of developing a Web site. Online ventures require an in-depth understanding of a company's corporate mission and its preparedness for meeting its Internet goals. During this phase, a simple or complex strategy is outlined for the Web site to include what the site will do, how it will 'look and speak,' and how it will fit into the short-term and long-term fiscal plans for the company.

This first step in developing a Web site may answer many of the questions and problems your company has about implementing a Web-based business solution. Furthermore, a good Internet Business Strategy can address many budgeting, expense and revenue issues regarding your plans.

We offer Initial Internet Business Strategies that include short and long-term Web Development Budgeting beginning at about $2,000 and capping off at up to $20,000. Whether you are budgeting $5,000 or $1 million for your Web site, this is money well spent.

Domain Names

Your domain name is how people will look for you on the Web. You can register a unique domain name for $70 for two years. Domain names you recognize are amazon.com, ibm.com, or fedex.com. We can show you how to select and register your name. Every day hundreds of domain names are registered, so the sooner you start the better your chances the name you want will be available. You may want to purchase more than one domain name. For example you might want to buy a name that sounds just like yours but is spelled differently, or you might want more names for Gateway Pages to your site. However, for now, figure on spending $70 for two years.

Server Space

You will want your site hosted with a commercial hosting company. For a small business site figure on $25 - $50 per month. If you want to take credit cards then $100/month + is a good estimate (plus $500 setup fee).


You may already have collateral sales and marketing materials, documents, published work, corporate plans and research that can serve as the basis for the content for your site. If not, you will need to have us work with you to develop the content. You may need photographs or special artwork. Obviously the costs here will vary widely, so we can not give an estimate. If you have the text, photographs, and artwork available then the cost should be reasonable. If you do not have useable text, copy, imagery, photography, etc., you should budget $90 per hour for original content development.

Web Site Design

A professional web site designer will save you hours of valuable time. We will work with you to capture your vision for the look and feel of the site. Since this is the representation of your company, potentially to millions of people, you should budget accordingly. Depending on design, complexity and content development, figure on $450 - $900 per page for a basic page, and more for an E-commerce enabled page.

Information Technology

If your site is to include tools for collecting or posting data, the management and integration of information will be required. Depending on your information technology (IT) needs, you may invest in customized software applications or simple programming and scripting. It is smart to budget at least $500 into exploring IT solutions to leverage the power of the Web.

Professional Placement and Marketing

A well chosen domain name and a great looking web site are not enough. Your web site needs to be properly marketed so that potential customers find your site. One goal of the marketing process is to achieve a high ranking with the major search engines. A professional web site marketing firm may make changes, often invisible, to your site in order to achieve a high ranking. The firm should register your site with various search engines and directories. They may recommend special pages called Gateway Pages for your site. You should get a full report on their activities and your search engine placement. You should figure on $600 - $1,200 per year for even a small site that does not require additional pages.

A variety of marketing and advertising communications should be used to promote traffic to your site and boost site awareness. We are experts in this area, and we would be happy to show you how you can incorporate Web site promotion into your existing communications and create new marketing methods that achieve results.


A web site needs to be maintained, both in content and in positioning. As your business changes, you should be updating your site, just as you would update your advertising materials. Search engine positioning is also a dynamic process that requires attention and an investment. Your site may need to be modified to reflect the latest changes in search engine criteria. You will want reports reflecting your latest search engine ranking. Periodically most of your site will need to be reregistered. You should budget at least $450/month for content maintenance, and be prepared to spend $900-$1,800/month plus for a larger site aggressively marketed and maintained. Content maintenance costs depend on the number and difficulty of the changes requested or required.

We Will Quote Your Web Site Development Costs

If all this is still confusing or has you no closer to determining what your site may cost, please contact us and we will work with you to develop a quote for the project.


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