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Influence The Market

If you're like most company executives, you think that your advertising has no real influence on your business. But, if that were true, why would companies spend over $200 billion a year on advertising? Why would they be willing to spend over $250,000 to produce an average television commercial and another $250,000 to air it? If they want to broadcast their commercial during the Super Bowl, they will gladly spend over a million dollars to produce it and over one and a half million to air it. After all, they might have the kind of success that Victoria's Secret did during the 1999 Super Bowl. When they paraded bra-and-panty-clad models across TV screens for a mere thirty seconds, one million people turned away from the game to log on to the Web site promoted in the ad. No influence?

You have the power to influence the market, build your brand in the market's mind, and grow your business to astonishing levels.

I can help. Keep reading, check out my portfolio of work, or contact me for more information.

What We Are

Patrick Feld is an entrepreneurial firm, offering total communications services to businesses that wish to grow, expand and capitalize on the opportunities offered in the new economy. We develop business, marketing, advertising, Internet, and collateral systems that work together to give you an integrated approach to new business development and a cohesive message to your markets.

Building your company brand identity to instill confidence and loyalty from your customers is paramount to every service we provide. Brand building is at the core of every great advertising and marketing communication effort. Additionally, I provide companies with:

There are many parts to each of these disciplines which are listed below for your convenience.

You can review our rate card for pricing information, or you can simply contact us for a project quote or a range-of-cost estimate.

Service Scope

Strategic Marketing & Branding Services

Strategic services is a good way of saying, 'to think up really good ideas.'  Of course some good ideas are easier to come by than other ideas. Typically, Strategic planning requires homework, thinking, meeting, client input, researching and often some luck is very helpful.

Our strategic services may include, but are not limited to the following (Action >  Deliverables):

Internet Space Development Services

Internet Space Development is a cool phrase for 'coming up with e-business ideas, building and marketing Web sites.'

I am currently working on launching a separate business concept, called Forward Thinking, that will exclusively offer investors, companies and entrepreneurs the ability to realize profits from opportunities on the Internet - that is, Internet Space Development. These services include:

In addition to our Web venture offerings, we provide a host of e-business services, enabling companies to take advantage of our Internet capabilities:

As well as our Internet methodologies:

Advertising & Marketing Communications

Advertising and Marketing Communications services are the fun part. These services refer to the creation of advertising and marketing materials that build brand awareness and generate sales opportunities.

Click here to see samples of my work.

Founded on our strategic approach to business and marketing development, our creative solutions are based on sound thinking - versus whimsical ideas.  Our advertising and design capabilities  include:

We use the above skills to produce the following types of advertising and marketing communications:

More Than A Mouse In My Pocket

As I frequently refer to 'we,' I am usually talking about my network of associate freelancers and vendors -- the great people who I rely on to support me in delivering my client work.


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